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Thread: Mismatch between stones retrived through SOAP call and stones through Search

If we use SOAP call we are not getting correct "Total stones found number" for set parameters

Here are details

To get diamond feed by SOAP call we set search parameters.
Number of diamonds found by SOAP call is much lower as compared to number of diamonds found by Rapnet's diamond search(after rapnet login).
Code sample (Search parameters)
Below mentioned criteria set for SOAP call
Total Diamond found : 509
But By using Rapnet's search on the site the diamond found : 472,672

$page = '1';
$pageSize = '50';
$searchparams["ShapeCollection"]['Shapes'] = array("ROUND","PEAR","PRINCESS","MARQUISE");
$searchparams["LabCollection"]['Labs'] = array("GIA", "IGI", "AGS", "HRD", "EGL_USA");
$searchparams["SizeFrom"] = "0.30";
$searchparams["SizeTo"] = "30.00";
$searchparams["ColorFrom"] = "D";
$searchparams["ColorTo"] = "L";
$searchparams["ClarityFrom"] = "IF";
$searchparams["ClarityTo"] = "SI2";
$searchparams["CutFrom"] = "EXCELLENT";
$searchparams["CutTo"] = "FAIR";
$searchparams["PriceFrom"] = "0";
$searchparams["PriceTo"] = "10000000";
$searchparams["SymmetryFrom"] = "Excellent";
$searchparams["SymmetryTo"] = "Fair";
$searchparams["PolishFrom"] = "Excellent";
$searchparams["PolishTo"] = "Fair";
$searchparams["PageNumber"] = $page;
$searchparams["PageSize"] = $pageSize;
$searchparams["SortDirection"] = "ASC";

Can someone help to resolve this issue

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05/08/2014 07:47