Keep Your Inventory Up-to-date

Rapnet info must be maintained. On this page we explain the 3 ways tracks for updating your inventory

What does this mean?

Your RapNet inventory must be kept up-to-date regularly. Diamond listings on RapNet automatically expire after a week if there have been no updates.

  • My inventory has not changed.
    In this case, go to Manage My Listings section and click the Update Listings tab. Update Listings should only be used if you have no changes in your inventory or prices and all the diamonds are still available. By updating your listings, you are confirming that your diamonds are available for another 8 days. 

  • There may have been some (price) changes.
    I have made some changes to my inventory, but I don’t remember which ones. I also want to double check the accuracy of my prices. In this case, it is best to upload your entire stock again either by using RapNet's 'Inventory File Upload' or through RapNet XL. Many businesses re-upload their stock once a day.

Note: Some stock management programs have have built in capablities for automatically keeping RapNet in sync with your own stock management system. If you develop your own software, you can use our API's to build this in.