API Overview

What API is good for you?

Once you know what Rapaport service you want to use, you have to determine what API is best for your use.
Technology Suitable API's
C#.Net, Java SOAP XML Web Services, JSON, HTTP POSTS


There are a number of steps you should take in order to improve your security:
  • First of all, you should create a separate set of credentials for programmatic access, you can manage your API credentials here. These credentials can access all TechNet API's for your subscription.
  • You should always pass your user name and password over HTTPS only. If performance is no problem, you can simply only use the HTTPS endpoints. You can change the protocol in all our API's. For better performance, authenticate over HTTPS and make additional requests using HTTP with the encrypted authentication ticket you got in your first call.

Advanced Web Services

Besides the published API's we also have a large number of unpublished API's that we have developed for specific applications, such as inventory software and mobile applications. If your needs exceed what we have openly available you can contact our development department to discuss available options.
There are numerous API's available. You can find here the most common publicly accessible API's, that you can use as long as you have an appropriate Rapaport subscriptions.

Rapaport Price Sheet API's

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