Upload Stock in CSV Format

This page explains how to upload your diamonds to RapNet using a CSV file

What does this mean?

You can upload inventory to RapNet using a CSV file with each field delimited by a comma. Create an inventory file in Microsoft Excel according to the instructions and save the file in CSV format before uploading to RapNet. The first row should contain the field headers. 

Manual upload

Once your stock file is formatted in the right format you can upload it to RapNet. You can do this directly from the website manually.

Create an automated upload solution

You can have your own stock software to upload this file for you. For example your stock program can have an 'export to RapNet' functionality that uses the same format, or an scheduled upload functionality that runs in the background.

Upload using Excel

If you want to upload through Excel, the best way to work is with a native Excel format (xlsx) and not using a CSV file. Excel will still use the same fields and values as CSV files.