Preparing Your Stock File For Upload

We recommend that you provide as much information as possible, which will increase the chances of your item being found.

This list is a reference to the fields and attributes you can use to upload your listings to RapNet.
You can find predefined valid attributes that you can choose from for your item.
If you do not fill in the mandatory fields, you will not be able to finish the upload process.

Fields Dictionary:

Requirement Status RapNet Field name
Mandatory Stock Number, Jewelry Type, Jewelry Title, Jewelry Description,Jewelry Location , Jewelry Currency, Jewelry Total Price
Highly Recommended Jewelry MSRP, Media File Name, Availability, Jewelry Condition,Jewelry State,Stone Type, Stone Carat/Size,Gemstone Color,Diamond Color, Diamond Fancy Color, Jewelry Material, Material Karat, Ring Size
Optional Quantity, Minimum Order Quantity, Jewelry Collection, Jewelry Style, Jewelry Brand, Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Total Weight, Jewelry Total Length, Jewelry Total Width, Material Weight, Stone Quantity, Gemstone Cut, Diamond Fancy Color Overtone, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Cut, Diamond Polish, Diamond Symmetry, Diamond Fluorescence Intensity, Diamond Fluorescence Color, Diamond Treatment, Diamond Depth %, Diamond Table %, Diamond Table %, Stone Lab, Stone Certificate #, Stone Width, Stone Depth, Stone Height, Keywords, Manufacture Date, Parent Stock Number

RapNet accepted values:

RapNet Field name Acceptable field values Remarks Comments
Availability In stock/ Memo/ Out of Stock
Diamond Clarity FL / IF / VVS1 / VVS2 / VS1 / VS2 / SI1 /SI2 / SI3 / I1 / I2 / I3
Diamond Color D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z For fancy color diamonds, refer to Diamond Fancy Color Columns
Diamond Cut Ideal / Excellent / Very Good / Good / Fair / Poor
Diamond Depth % Only when stone type is 'Diamond'
Number to one decimal place.
Do not include % sign
Diamond Fancy Color Black / Blue / Brown / Brownish / Chameleon / Champagne / Cognac / Grey / Green / Orange / Pink / Purple / Red / Violet / Yellow / White / Other Only one color allowed
Diamond Fancy Color Overtone Black / Blue / Brown / Chameleon / Cognac / Grey / Greyish / Green / Greenish / Orange / Orangey / Pink / Pinkish / Purple / Purplish / Red / Reddish / Violet / Violetish / Yellow / Yellowish / White / Other / None Only one color allowed
Diamond Fluorescence Color Blue / Yellow / Green / Red / Orange / White
Diamond Fluorescence Intensity None / Very Slight / Faint / Slight / Medium / Strong / Very Strong / Very Faint
Diamond Polish Ideal / Excellent / Very Good / Good / Fair / Poor Only when stone type is 'Diamond'
Diamond Symmetry Ideal / Excellent / Very Good / Good / Fair / Poor Only when stone type is 'Diamond'
Diamond Table % Only when stone type is 'Diamond'
Number to one decimal place.
Do not include % sign
Diamond Treatment Irradiated / Laser Drilled / Color Enhanced / Clarity Enhanced / HPHT Only when stone type is 'Diamond'
Only one value allowed
ALL treatments MUST be listed
Gemstone Color Black / Blue / Brown / Green / Grey / Orange / Pink / Purple / Red / White / Yellow / Other
Gemstone Cut Ideal / Excellent / Very Good / Good Fair Poor
Jewelry Brand The jewelry brand name
Jewelry Collection Engagement/ General / Men's / Wedding / Religious/ Youth / Other
Jewelry Condition New / Pre-Owned
Jewelry Currency USD No other currency accepted
Jewelry Description Describe your jewelry, maximum 150 characters. Refer to Title and Description requirements
Jewelry Designer The jewelry designer name
Jewelry Location Specify the physical location of the jewelry
Jewelry MSRP The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price No dollar sign, no commas, no cents, value must be greater than 0
Jewelry Material Aluminum / Black Silver / Brass / Bronze / Cobalt / Copper / Rose Gold / White Gold / Yellow Gold / Gold / Gold-Filled / Iron / Nickel / Palladium / Platinum / Rhodium / Silver / Silver Plate / Steel / Sterling / Tantalum / Titanium / Tungsten / Other
Jewelry State Finished / Semi-Finished / Unfinished
Jewelry Style Antique / Modern / Fine / Contemporary / Art / Rare
Jewelry Title The name of the jewelry item, maximum 60 characters. Include keywords that buyers would use to search for your item
Refer to Title and Description requirements
Jewelry Total Length The length of the jewelry item in mm
Jewelry Total Price The price at which you are prepared to sell the jewelry. No dollar sign, no commas, no cents, must be a value greater than 0
Jewelry Total Weight In grams
Jewelry Total Width The width of the jewelry item in mm
Jewelry Type Bracelets / Brooches & Pins / Pendants & Charms / Cuff Links / Earrings / Necklaces / Rings / Watches / Other
Keywords Use all 10 tags to increase the item’s chance of being viewed.
Separate each tag with a comma.
If you add more than 10 tags, then the entire item will not be uploaded
Manufacture Date Dd/mm/yyyy
Example 25/12/2018
Material Karat Number only Material in Karat indicating purity of the gold
Material Weight Number only Material only weight in grams
Media File Name Only images in JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF format or ZIP files.
Only videos linked to YouTube or Vimeo
Refer to Images Requirements table
Minimum Order Quantity Value must be greater than 0, no commas The minimum number of items that must be ordered in one transaction
Parent Stock Number Only if the item is part of a set
Quantity Value must be greater than 0, no commas The number of available items
Ring Size Number only US size
Numbers to one decimal place
Stock Number/ SKU Your Jewelry inventory stock number
Stone Carat/Size Between 0.01 – 99 Numbers to 2 decimal places
Stone Certificate # The number on the certificate from the grading lab.
Stone Depth The stone depth in mm
Number only, to 2 decimal places
Stone Height The stone height in mm
Number only, to 2 decimal places
Stone Lab AGA / AGL / AGS / CGL / CISGEM / CLG / DCLA / EDGL / GCAL / GIA / GSI / HRD / IDL / IGC / IGI / IGI BLG / IGI USA / IGL / IIDGR / NGTC / None / OWN / PGS / RAP / RDC / RDR / VGR / WGI / Other
Stone Quantity Enter number only Number only, no commas
Stone Shape Asscher / Baguette / Briolette / Bullets / Calf / Circular / Cushion / Cushion Brilliant / Cushion Modified / Emerald / European Cut / Flanders/ Half Moon / Heart / Hexagonal / Kite / Lozenge / Marquise / Octagonal / Old Miner / Oval / Pear / Pentagonal / Princess / Radiant / Rose / Round / Brilliant / Shield / Square / Square Emerald / Square Radiant / Star/ Tapered Baguette / Tapered Bullet / Trapezoid / Triangular / Trilliant / Other
Stone Type Diamond / Abalone Shell / Agate / Alexandrite / Amber / Amethyst / Ametrine / Ammonite Triplet / Apatite / Aqua / Aquamarine / Aventurine / Bloodstone / Blue Topaz / Cameo / Carnelian / Citirine / Coral / Corundum / Emerald / Garnet / Jadeite / Lapis / Larimar / Lolite / London Blue Topaz / Malachite / Moissanite / Moonstone / Morganite / Mother of Pearl / Multi-Gemstone / Onyx / Opal / Orthoclase / Pearl / Peridot / Quartz / Rubellite / Ruby / Russian Jadeite / Sapphire / Serpentine / Sodalite / Spinel / Tanzanite / Tiger Eye / Topaz / Tourmaline / Tsavorite / Turquoise / Zircon / Other
Stone Width The stone width in mm
Number only, to 2 decimal places

Title and description requirements

Items created with accurate and complete data will be found more easily by the customer and will therefore be sold more often. Keep titles and description concise, informative and accurate and make sure you follow the instructions in order to achieve the optimal “discoverability” in search quires and increase customer satisfaction.

Title and Description
  • Include information only about the item for sale
  • Include only English text
  • Check out similar items on RapNet jewelry to help you classify your item
  • Each title should contain up to 60 characters and description up to 150
  • Must NOT contain inappropriate or offensive language
  • Must NOT contain information about items that are not for sale
  • Must NOT include conflicting information
  • Must NOT include terms like “Top Rated Seller”, “Top Seller”, “Trusted Seller” or other similar terms