Rapaport Price Lists

On this page, we explain Rapaport's' price lists and how you can make use of them on your websites.

What are these Price Lists?

Rapaport's price lists are the industry's primary source of diamond price information for the diamond trade. They are an approximate guideline for dealers for evaluating diamond prices. The sheets are updated on a weekly basis and are available in several forms. Members should understand how to read the price lists.

Integrate the Price Lists into your own software

You can integrate the Rapaport Price Lists in your own software for use within your own company. This can be for a stock program, analysis software, appraisal software, etc.

What diamonds are the price lists for and based on?

Round shaped diamonds Pear shaped diamonds. The 'pear shape price list' is often used as a price guideline for other fancy shapes. Well-shaped, fine-cut diamonds. Not for fancy colored diamonds. Diamonds of 1-10 carat size. For 6+ carat diamonds, dealers generally base prices on 10 carat price listings. The Rapaport Price List for round diamonds is the most widely used list. This list is used for round shaped diamonds as well as old European cuts.

How to read the Price Lists

Each size range of diamonds has its own price grid matrix. For smaller sizes the price grids refers to diamonds with color and clarity ranges. For larger diamonds each color/clarity combination has a price. In the printed version and PDF files, all prices are in hundreds of U.S. dollars per carat. In the electronic data files, the prices are the full dollar price per carat. See more about our price list structure.

To find the Rapaport Price List for a diamond, do the following: 
1. Shape of the diamond - choose the round price list or the pear price list. 
2. Size - find the corresponding size range on the price list. 
3. Color - find the row with the corresponding color. 
4. Clarity - find the corresponding column for your clarity. 

Note: Rapaport Price Lists are copyrighted, reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.

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