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Thread: GetDiamonds.aspx problems?

Suddenly my curl/json request doesn't return diamonds anymore.
Nothing has changed in the code and it worked for many months/years before.
I don't receive any curl or json errors either, just an empty return.
It feels like something is going work at rapaports end but it's weird that I can't see any other people here with the same problem.

Here is my json request I send via curl in php:
{"request": {"header": {"username": "xxx","password": "xxx"},
"body": {
"shapes": ["Round"],
"size_from": 0.1,
"size_to": 10,
"color_from": "D",
"color_to": "M",
"clarity_from": "IF",
"clarity_to": "I1",
"cut_from": "Excellent",
"cut_to": "Fair",
"polish_from": "Excellent",
"polish_to": "Fair",
"symmetry_from": "Excellent",
"symmetry_to": "Fair",
"labs": ["GIA", "IGI", "HRD"],
"fluorescence_intensities": ["None", "Very Slight", "Faint", "Medium", "Strong", "Very Strong"],
"price_total_from": 1,
"price_total_to": 10000,
"page_number": 1,
"page_size": 15,
"sort_by": "price",
"sort_direction": "ASC"

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06/03/2020 03:12

2 Replies:

we are experiencing an issue with our API 

Our technicians are working on a solution 

Please stand by 


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Rapnet Technical
6/3/2020 4:05:00 AM
The issue has been resolved 


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Rapnet Technical
6/3/2020 4:13:00 AM