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Thread: Error 1001 with fluorescence_intensities

when I try to set "fluorescence_intensities" in the JSON I always get the 1001 error. I can't see any mistake. My JSON looks like this (username and password edited).
{"request": {"header": {"username": "xxx","password": "xxx"},
    "body": {
    "shapes": ["Round"],
    "size_from": 0.1,
    "size_to": 10,
    "color_from": "D",
    "color_to": "M",
    "clarity_from": "IF",
    "clarity_to": "I1",
    "cut_from": "Excellent",
    "cut_to": "Fair",
    "polish_from": "Excellent",
    "polish_to": "Fair",
    "symmetry_from": "Excellent",
    "symmetry_to": "Fair",
    "labs": ["GIA","HRD","IGI"],
    "fluorescence_intensities": "Faint",
    "price_total_from": 1,
    "price_total_to": 1000000,
    "page_number": 1,
    "page_size": 15,
    "sort_by": "price",
    "sort_direction": "ASC"

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07/18/2019 07:04

2 Replies:

should be  "fluorescence_intensities": ["Faint"],

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7/18/2019 9:15:00 AM
Correct, thank you.
They should really rework their documentation and call it array instead of/additional to string ...

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7/19/2019 3:27:00 AM