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Thread: Problem integrating instant inventory to WIX platform

I am trying to integrate the instant inventory to my website (created by wix). In the rapnet setting, I have selected multiple suppliers, and the total number of diamonds is over 5000+, and but right now only 164 diamonds is showing on my website. 

my website:

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03/29/2018 02:06

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Thank you for contacting RapNet support.
Your website displays 'SEARCH DIAMONDS : Showing 0 diamonds'.
That message means that no diamonds matched the website selection. 
I confirmed that actually the RapNet Instant Inventory Feed had selected no diamonds.  The RapNet Feed is here - 

First, please correct the Feed Finish ranges (Cut, Polish, Symmetry):

I found the Finish selection ranges were reversed (Cut, Polish, Symmetry).  They need to be highest to lowest, like Excellent to Poor ( and are currently From Poor to Excellent).

After these fixing, if you require more available diamonds, you can consider not selecting Show only: 'Guaranteed Available' and 'With Scanned Certificates', which limits the number of diamonds selected.

Please let me know if you have other questions by contacting your customer service rep or contact me at  

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Tech customer support -Zalman
3/29/2018 8:09:00 AM