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Thread: DLS testfeed

We're experimenting with extending our feed with colored diamonds and matching pairs. However, we dont want to mess up our production integration. Is it possible to create som sort of a test feed where we can set up filters for colored and matching pairs without it affecting our production feed/data?

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Daniel M
05/03/2017 10:34

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HI Daniel,
I seems you are using the DLS automatic feeds.  DLS listing files refresh every 4 hours (6 times a day). 

One way to make a test feed is to download your production automatic feed file, then switch DLS to a manual feed file.  Check here (   ),about manual feeds: "You can set up multiple diamond feeds according to the different criteria you choose. For example, one feed for fancy colors and one feed for white. ".

Add a new manual feed diamond selection to include colored diamonds.  Under 'Download Diamond Feed' tab, you can choose to give an email address to notify when this feed file is created.

Within the next four hours, download and check your DLS manual feed file for the added colored diamonds. You can switch back any time.
If manual feed file is OK, switch your automatic feed to match this manual feed.  

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Zalman, Rapaport Support
6/19/2017 3:51:00 AM