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Thread: Remove sold diamonds

We have integrated following Rapnet Soap based api in our Java/Angularjs based web-application.

Once a diamond is purchased by our online shopper then we want to mark that diamond as sold in Rapnet inventory.

How can we achieve that please share sample java code/jar/class files.

Option 1: Dev Team found following thread on Rapnet forum

If above thread is correct way of marking the diamond as sold then
Where can I get java class for UploadLotsParameters, DeleteLotParameters and so on...
Current response of GetSingleDiamond and GetDiamonds doesn't contain following fields also
Option2: If we will update the Availability field to "NA" by Stock Number will it make the diamond as sold?

If answer is yes then please share sample code/references to achieve it

Appreciate your help.

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07/22/2016 01:59

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