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Thread: "Cut" parameter returns wrong records.

We are facing issues with "CUT" parameter. When we are create a request to get "Fair" or "Good" it returns the records with "Excellent" and "Very Good"

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

We are using to get the results.

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ITW Developer
08/05/2014 10:57

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 we cannot see a problem on our side. can you please provide us more data? your accountID, your search parameters or code snippet




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8/6/2014 10:50:00 AM
Thanks for the reply.  This is our code snippet. 

private void SetSelectedCut(int selectedCut, ref FeedParameters Params)
 if (!(selectedCut > 0)) return;
switch (selectedCut)
case 1:
Params.CutFrom = Cuts.FAIR;
Params.CutTo = Cuts.FAIR;
case 2:
Params.CutFrom = Cuts.GOOD;
Params.CutTo = Cuts.GOOD;
case 3:
Params.CutFrom = Cuts.VERY_GOOD;
Params.CutTo = Cuts.VERY_GOOD;
case 4:
Params.CutFrom = Cuts.EXCELLENT;
Params.CutTo = Cuts.EXCELLENT;
public DataSet LoadRapNetDiamonds(
int pageNumber,
int pageSize,
List<int> selectedShapes,
List<int> selectedFluorescense,
List<int> selectedCertificate,
int selectedCut,
int selectedClarity,
int selectedColor,
int selectedPolish,
int selectedSymmetry,
decimal priceStart,
decimal priceEnd,
decimal depthStart,
decimal depthEnd,
decimal caratStart,
decimal caratEnd,
decimal tableStart,
decimal tableEnd,
int currentCount,
ref int diamondsCount)
var rf = new Feed();
var Params = new FeedParameters();
rf.Url = rf.Url.Replace("http", "https");
//This must be done in HTTPS protocol
rf.Login(rapnetId, rapNetPassword);
//After log in you will receive a encrypted ticket with your credentials. This will be used to authenticate your session.
//Now you can choose to change the protocol to HTTP so it works faster.
rf.Url = rf.Url.Replace("https", "http");
// Get Prameter For Shapes
List<Shapes> myShapes = SetSelectedShapes(selectedShapes);
Params.ShapeCollection = myShapes.ToArray();
//Get Parameter For Fluorescences
List<FluorescenceIntensities> myFluorescenceIntensities = SetSelectedFluorescense(selectedFluorescense);
Params.FluorescenceIntensityCollection = myFluorescenceIntensities.ToArray();
//Get Parameter For Certificates
List<Labs> myLabs = SetSelectedCertiFicates(selectedCertificate);
Params.LabCollection = myLabs.ToArray();
// set Parameter For Cuts
SetSelectedCut(selectedCut, ref Params);
// Set Parameter for Clarity
SetSelectedClarity(selectedClarity, ref Params);
//Set Parameter For Color
SetSelectedColor(selectedColor, ref Params);
// set Parameters for Polish
SetSelectedPolish(selectedPolish, ref Params);
// Set Parameter for Symmetry
SetSelectedSymmetry(selectedSymmetry, ref Params);
Params.PriceFrom = priceStart;
Params.PriceTo = priceEnd;
Params.SizeFrom = caratStart;
Params.SizeTo = caratEnd;
Params.TablePercentFrom = tableStart;
Params.TablePercentTo = tableEnd;
Params.DepthPercentFrom = depthStart;
Params.DepthPercentTo = depthEnd;
Params.PageSize = pageSize; //Max Page size is 50
Params.PageNumber = pageNumber;
DataSet ds = rf.GetDiamonds(Params, ref diamondsCount);
return ds;

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ITW Developer
9/10/2014 3:30:00 AM
I am experiencing similar results.

It can be replicated in your iframe widget as well.

Select a shape, then select a specific cut.

Results are inaccurate.


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6/19/2015 2:12:00 PM

i couldn't reproduce the bug. the only thing that i can think about  is that  we ignore cut gradev for not round diamonds.

if this i s not can you please provide me a specific query or code snippet?


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6/21/2015 3:36:00 AM