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Thread: Data for One Seller is not coming in the results

One of the sellers, which is already added in the list, is complaining to us that their data is not reflecting on the rapnet json feed which we are using. They gave me a diamond id and I tried getting the data of the diamond but it is not coming in the feed.

What could be the reason for this? What should I tell them? 

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Gaurav Chandra
04/16/2013 03:27

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If a diamond does not come into the feed, there can be a number of reasons:

1. the diamond does not match your criteria. E.g. price is outside of your feed criteria. But this can also be less obvious when for example the diamond only has a cash price, so it will automatically be excluded.
2. The seller of the diamond can exclude individual diamonds from appearing in diamond feeds.
3. The feed was not yet updated with the latest stock from RapNet. Typically we update all feeds every four hours



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Leo Muller
5/6/2013 6:55:00 AM