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Thread: Authentication problem on download file


we have a window service that download files from Rapaport. 
it's been working flawlessly and we haven't done any change in the code.
since February 7th, we get this message when trying to download files:

In order to use the HTTP interface with Rapaport you must provide your username
and password. You can only send your credentials over HTTPS in POST data. Once sent
you can choose to use the authentication ticket for further requests (<a href="../Info/RapLink/SampleCode/Full_Example.aspx">see example</a>), or send your
username and password in each request (<a href="../Info/Prices/SampleCode/Full_Example.aspx">see example</a>).<br />
The authentication ticket is valid for 1 hour

when i debugged the code i could see that i get the ticket successfully. 
but still get that message.

Can you help?

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Vered Meri (web developer) on behalf of David Braverman
02/10/2013 05:23

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Your subscription does not include RapLink (anymore). Please contact customer service.



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2/10/2013 5:36:00 AM