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Thread: Recent change to require SSL

Hi there,

We run a nightly download of data that's worked basically untouched for a year plus so think it's all coded correctly.

However, just the most recent one (Oct 3, 2012 Sydney time) failed.  The error reply indicates the need for a secure (https) post.

Our site doesn't have an SSL certificate.  Can we just confirm - are you checking that the post is coming from a secure (https) url?  In other words, just confirming that we need to install an SSL certificate on our domain and that's something that changed recently?

Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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Chris Berry
10/03/2012 11:32

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You don't need a SSL certificate on your end, we only need one on our side, which we have.

I don't know exactly which service you are trying to access, but let's say it is the price service, and the URL for download is:

You would get this error message if you are using the HTTP part, e.g.:

notice the HTTP:// vs HTTPS:// ? just make sure your URL has HTTPS



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Leo Muller
10/4/2012 5:23:00 AM