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Thread: How to pass multiple shape and Fluro value in single array

      $params = array(
      'Username' => '********',
      'Password' => '*************',
      'FeedID' => *****,
      'Shape' => 'ROUND',
      'SizeFrom' => 0.01,
      'SizeTo' => 10.00,
      'ColorFrom' => 'D',
      'ColorTo' => 'K',
      'ClarityFrom' => 'IF',
      'ClarityTo' => 'VS2',
      'CutFrom' => 'EXCELLENT',
      'CutTo' => 'GOOD',
      'PriceFrom' => '1',
      'PriceTo' => '9999999',
      'Page' => 1,
      'PageSize' => 10,
      'FluorescenceIntensityTitle'=>'Very Slight',
      'DiamondsFound' => 0);

$result1 = $client->call('GetStones', array($params), '','');

after call this we get responce but i need how to pass multiple shape and
FluorescenceIntensityTitle 's values multiple

i.e i need those records whose shape is i have defined
'Shape' => 'ROUND,PEAR,MARQUEE', or etc

please help me to find some solution for this

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Mahendra Pumbhadiya
09/25/2012 01:48

3 Replies:

right now the RapLink  web service doesnt support mouti shape searches nor Fluorescence Intensity. you can find the legal search parameters here


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9/27/2012 1:54:00 AM
Thanks for your Reply Ephraim

is it possible to pass Fluorescence intensity,polish,symmetry and Certificate parameter?

if it possible than whats the parameter name should be and if not than whats solution for this
because i need the above parameter.


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9/28/2012 3:02:00 AM
as i wrote in the previous post, the only acceptable  parameters are those who apear here

you may consider using the Download Listings Service instead. please call customer service for more details


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10/2/2012 2:43:00 AM