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Thread: How to get the single prices for different shape other than round

How to get the single prices for different shape other than round

       $rap_soapUrl = "";
        $soap_Client = new nusoap_client($rap_soapUrl, 'wsdl');
        $rap_credentials['Username'] = "user";
        $rap_credentials['Password'] = "password";
        //do login, and save authentication ticket for further use:
        $result = $soap_Client->call('Login', $rap_credentials);
        $rap_auth_ticket = $soap_Client->getHeaders();
        //get price for single diamond
        $paramsA["shape"] = "round"; // what others for parcel, pears,emerald, princess, marquise...
        $paramsA["size"] = ".8";
        $paramsA["color"] = "F";
        $paramsA["clarity"] = "vs1";


        $result = $soap_Client->call('GetPrice', $paramsA);
        echo $result['GetPriceResult']['price'];die;

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vinay dhyani
07/17/2012 02:30

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There are only two options:


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Leo Muller
7/17/2012 2:36:00 AM
I would like to know if sending a request with multiple shape parameters is possible or not yet. We tried using PHP and are getting details only for either Pear or Round shapes.

Also, we tried passing single shape parameter but are only getting details pertinent to either Pear or Round shapes. We would need to have records when we request for other shapes as well, and preferably using multiple shapes parameters in a single request.


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Not getting other shapes than Round and Pear
4/10/2013 9:47:00 AM
The API above is the API for getting the Rapaport Price List, there is one for Rounds and one for Pears.
We don't provide any electronic format for the parcel price list, there is none, and nothing in the planning (we use the regular price lists for parcels on RapNet as well).

Usually all other shapes than Rounds use the Pear price list, unless you have another shape that is very similar to rounds.

Hope this helps.



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4/11/2013 12:58:00 AM