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Thread: Data not retriving after using webservice named : RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService


I have read the code sample given in project
I have include webservice in my project :

and write code as given below:
Code :
RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.RetailFeedSoapClient webServiceManager = new RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.RetailFeedSoapClient();

DiamondCount = 0;

DataTable dt = webServiceManager.GetDiamondsSecure(MyUser", "MyPassword",RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.Shapes.ROUND,
0.2, 15.3, //size From - To
RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.Colors.D, RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.Colors.K, // Color From - To
RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.Clarities.IF, RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.Clarities.VVS2, // Clarity From - To
RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.Cuts.EXCELLENT, RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.Cuts.VERY_GOOD,// Cut From - To
100, 150000, // Price From - To
2, 20, //Page, Results in page
ref DiamondCount);

this.dataGridView1.DataSource = dt.DefaultView;

But i did't get the expected output, datatable show 0 rows.

for your information i did't get the colurs, clarity and cuts under webServiceManager object instead i get the same under RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService object directly.

can you please assist me

Thanks in advance.
Santosh Sawant

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Santosh Sawant
03/02/2012 04:52

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