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Thread: Need to provide link for images and certificate

Hi I need to provide certificate and image download link to my angularjs website.
So how i should be able to do it?

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10/12/2017 04:01

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Hello Vaishali,
Welcome to TechNet. 

Please let me know which download method you are using and we can answer more directed.  You can always send a directed questions to and include more details.  

Are you using Instant Inventory API to get the diamond data? 

You check link :( )

Certificate images and certificate scans are not passed via web services. Rather, the correct way to see the image (no need to download) is to use the URL , Replace XXX with the lot number in order for it to work.

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Tech customer support - zalman
10/25/2017 11:03:00 AM
Hi Zalman,
 i am just new to rapnet and i have my diamond criteria page where i have to download the image and certificate of every diamond. so how i can make it possible?

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10/27/2017 7:58:00 AM
Hi Vaishali,  Welcome to RapNet.
Please feel free to contact your customer service rep if you have any more questions or email us at

To manually add images and certificates to a diamond on RapNet, you can go to RapNet 'Sell Diamonds' tab and choose 'Manage Image Files'.   Clicking on the 'Reports' button shows you already loaded certs and reports.  Clicking on the 'Images' button show the images.
Clicking on 'Add more files' allows you to load more Reports/ certs or image files and displays the following instructions:
  • Scanned reports or diamond images should be in JPG, PDF or PNG format.
  • Files can be uploaded individually, together, or multiple files within one zip file.
  • Each file should not exceed 1 megabyte although we recommend approximately 300 KB.
  • If the filename is the report number or stock number, RapNet will automatically connect the image to those diamonds.
You can also connect a specific report/ Cert or image to a specific diamonds by clicking on the little blue icon before the report/Cert or image, then clicking on 'connect to diamonds', then entering the 
diamonds or stock number.  That will manually connect to the diamond.

A video about uploading images and certificates can be found here : 

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Tech customer support -Zalman
10/29/2017 10:08:00 AM
I think Vaishali wants to download the images and certificate and not upload.
She's doing a new website xyz and wants to fetch records from Rapnet but the criteria is to also show videos and images along with the certificates. Is it possible to do so using Instant Inventory?
What is the alternative otherwise?

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1/19/2019 6:20:00 AM