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Thread: Invalid format - "EGL_USA"

 When I send a GetDiamonds.aspx request, including the 'Labs' parameter with a list of values including "EGL_USA", I get an 'Invallid Format' error.
An identical request excluding the "EGL_USA" value returns diamond results as expected.

This value seemed to work perfectly well last week. Has the value suddenly become invalid?

What is the procedure for keeping up-to-date with API changes like this?
A couple of months ago, I reported a similar problem where one of the Colour options suddenly stopped working.

It seems impractical to work with a service like this if the validation rules change without warning, causing any dependent software to inexplicably fail.

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01/09/2017 10:36

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EGL Labs are not supported any more at rapnet

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1/9/2017 11:33:00 AM
Ok, thanks. Is there any announcement of this fact anywhere that software could read automatically?

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1/9/2017 11:43:00 AM