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Thread: AuthenticationTicketHeader

I am trying to use webservice in Dynamics AX2012

When trying to use GetPrice method it is asking for "AuthenticationTicketHeader" in first argument. How do I get value of AuthenticationTicketHeader? What is the datatype of authenticationTicketHeader?

below is the code in X++

    ClrObject clientType;   
    RapImportService.HOF_RapPriceService.RapaportPricesSoapClient _client;
    real price;

    clientType = CLRInterop::getType("RapImportService.HOF_RapPriceService.RapaportPricesSoapClient");   
    _client   = AifUtil::createServiceClient(clientType);  

 // here it will ask for "AuthenticationTicketHeader" as first argument   
    price = _client.GetPrice(AuthenticationTicketHeader,shape,size,color,clarity)

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06/04/2015 08:46

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never mind. I was able to solve it.

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6/4/2015 10:30:00 PM
Glad you worked it out. 

In general our SOAP web services work nicely with Java and .NET, but for other technologies JSON is better suited, because it is easier and more transparent to develop.



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Leo Muller
6/5/2015 7:54:00 AM