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Thread: Mismatch between the number of diamonds in Diamond List vs the number of diamonds from Inventory link json

I have created a list for my user 92968 and I have a diamond list named WEBSITE with 49844 diamonds in the create your list section. But the inventory link only shows 47245 diamonds.

I saw the documentation and here is the full post JSON I am sending:

{             "request": {                 "header": {                     "username": "92968",                     "password": "RNBALAJI"                 },                 "body": {                     "shapes": ["Round", "Pear", "Princess", "Marquise", "Oval", "Radiant", "Emerald", "Heart", "Cushion", "Asscher"],                     "size_to": 50,                     "size_from":0.1,                     "color_from": "D",                     "color_to": "M",                     "clarity_from": "IF",                     "clarity_to": "SI3",                     "cut_from": "Excellent",                     "cut_to": "Fair",                     "polish_from": "Excellent",                     "polish_to": "Fair",                     "symmetry_from": "Excellent",                     "symmetry_to": "Fair",                     "labs": ["GIA", "IGI", "AGS", "HRD", "EGL_USA", "NONE"],                     "price_total_from": 1,                     "price_total_to": 100000000,                     "page_number": 1,                     "page_size": 15,                     "sort_by": "price",                     "sort_direction": "ASC"                 }             }         }
This is as per the documentation on the Inventory link JSON format. What I observed was that there are more labs added but the documentation does not reflect that. Could that be a problem? If so then please update your Inventory link documentation.


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Gaurav Chandra
02/06/2014 11:34

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