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Thread: Tracking the Suspended Field

Dearest RapNet Developers:

1. Not sure if you really read these posts as they only seem to get attention when I call into your Vegas office and re-explain my self 2 or 3 times. Then things move like Martin called in himself.

2. Ok for good or bad I built my inventory system to use the RapNet06 plugin for Excel 2003. In Hind site I probably should have bought a pre-built program and saved 200k or offered some of that money to improve a existing program.

3. People have a need to track the field that Suspends the item after 8 days. In my program. I want to track how many times I have renewed the listing etc and when it actually suspends.

4. Currently I can not get access to that  NOTE  field in the Excel check my listing import shows suspended.

5. Can you display the suspended field into the my listing and have that field come down on the import so we can use that field to to track when a item becomes suspended on rapnet my listing page.

6. This is the request. See if someone in your company can address the question or offer a alternative way for my programers to get access to the field that suspends the item. If your going to give a generic answer that makes no sense. Please refrain.

7. Thanks in advance for a future fix and or intelligent response.
Steve Lawrence

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Steve Lawrence
03/25/2013 11:31

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