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Thread: Post my Sells on Rapnet DANGER auto default.

Dangerous default could wipe out many of the details on my listings.

My company posts 1 or more diamonds at a time by "add/updating" new stones to post not uploading the full inventory using the "replace" as many companies do.

The default is auto set to Replace. which is very dangerous for us and could  and has wiped out our work that is up on rapnet and also wiped out a lot of little details we have listed on rapnet  including some comments and extra images. These details were  not coming back down when we import check my sells on rapnet to excel.. So our work around is add/update not use the replace.

Please address this issue by having the default be selectable in settings or at the very least remember my last setting.

Do these comments ever get read?

Thanks in advance for your time and attention,
Steve Lawrence

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Steve Lawrence
02/10/2013 09:14

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Yes, I do read these comments and all posts that are made in TechNet.

I don't think it will be smart to rely on a default setting that you can set, since that would mean that you would click the button without thinking twice, and that could proof disastrous as you pointed out yourself. 

Most people do indeed have a local copy of their stock in a stock program, or in the least in Excel. Only some customers with few listings don't have this. It would be wise to keep a copy of your listings, at least in Excel. Can you tell me what fields are missing in RapNet XL's 'my stock on RapNet'. All fields should be there, but if something is missing, we can fix that. Make sure to get the latest version of RapNet XL. Any uploaded certifcate scans or diamond images will also stay on our server, so even if you reupload, you can always reconnect the images and scans back to your diamonds.

Just that you know, that in most cases of people loosing their stock listings, a few days later, our customer service can still retrieve the listings, even if it no longer appears under your stock in RapNet.


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Leo Muller
2/11/2013 12:36:00 AM