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Thread: Rap net Webservice

Hello sir
I want to connect to rap-net web service in a .net-framework 4.0.
i was setup a iis with https but when run project and try to login then show the error screen attach below..
My localhost url https://localhost:44300/Default.aspx
Error:Server was unable to process request. ---> Credentials can only be passed over secure connections (HTTPS)
My code is:
RapLinkWebService.RapNetInventoryLinkSoapClient webServiceManager =
   new RapLinkWebService.RapNetInventoryLinkSoapClient();
            AuthenticationTicketHeader ticket = webServiceManager.Login("Username", "password");
            //This must be done in HTTPS protocol
            webServiceManager.Login("Username", "Password");
            //After log in you will receive a encrypted ticket with your credentials. This will be used to authenticate your session.
            //Now you can choose to change the protocol to HTTP so it works faster. 
            //You must use the Init() method to get the parameter class. 
            RapLinkWebService.RapNetInventoryLinkParameters setPatams = webServiceManager.Init(ticket);
            Shapes[] MyShapes = new Shapes[1];
            MyShapes[0] = Shapes.ROUND;
            setPatams.ShapeCollection = MyShapes;
            setPatams.MinSize = 2;
            setPatams.MaxSize = 3;
            setPatams.Markup = 120;
            DataSet ds = webServiceManager.GetDiamonds(ticket, setPatams);
Please help me where the problem....

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12/19/2012 02:31

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