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Thread: XMLChanges from getPriceChanges is NULL

Dear all

I have built rapaportprices service client using CXF and it is working well.
The login and getprice methods works well, but the getPriceChanges method returns NULL value for XMLChanges although request is successful and getting proper old & new date.

I am expecting single XML document with data for all diamonds having price changed.

RapaportPrices rapaportPricesService = new RapaportPrices();

RapaportPricesSoap rapaportPricesSoap = rapaportPricesService

 Holder<AuthenticationTicketHeader> authenticationHeader = new Holder<AuthenticationTicketHeader>();
rapaportPricesSoap.login("xxxxx", "xxxxx", authenticationHeader);

RapaportPrice rp = rapaportPricesSoap.getPrice("Round", 0.4F, "D", "VS1", authenticationHeader.value);
 PriceChanges priceChanges = rapaportPricesSoap.getPriceChanges(
 Shapes.ROUND, authenticationHeader.value);

Need Help.

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Dinesh Angne
10/04/2012 07:05

4 Replies:

NULL means that there are no price changes

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10/4/2012 7:11:00 AM
Thanks Ephraim.

My scenario is something like this....
1. I do have diamonds master with some price keyed-in in my web application.
2. User want to update the prices, so user triggers the webservice method getPriceChanges() from web application.
3. The prices shall get updated with last updated prices.

The problem is, there is no date input to inform post which day I need to check for price update.
So is it that, if user missed to update the price on some day from webservice then he will loose that day price change?

What is a better option in such scenario (if my last price is updated on 5th and triggering webservice on 20th, then I shall get latest price change since 5th.

What are old and new data that are returned in my price changes response?

Thanks again.

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Dinesh Angne
10/4/2012 7:57:00 AM
... just to add
 I am using getPrice() service now as a solution. But in this case I have to loop through all my master data and have multiple getPrice() calls.

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Dinesh Angne
10/4/2012 8:01:00 AM

it seems that you misunderstand what the price web service does.

the getPrice()  and getPriceChanges() methods give you the Rapaprt Price List and the Rapaprt Price List changes. it doesn't Reflects the RapNet prices nor RapNet price changes. there is no way to get RapNet price changes programmatically


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10/9/2012 6:57:00 AM