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Thread: RapNet Inventory LinkPlus Web Service

Hi Sir,

         I  m trying to get the data from  the rapnet web service and  I have linked rapnet web service and also use https in my webservice when we add reference. and also use my https server when we call . but  I got error...

Server was unable to process request. ---> Credentials can only be passed over secure connections (HTTPS)

I m using 
 below  code..

RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.RetailFeed webServiceManager =
new RapLinkInventoryPlusWebService.RetailFeed();

//This must be done in HTTPS protocol
int DiamondCount;

DataTable dt = webServiceManager.GetDiamondsSecure(
0.2, 15.3, //size From - To 
webServiceManager.Colors.D, webServiceManager.Colors.K, // Color From - To 
webServiceManager.Clarities.IF, webServiceManager.Clarities.VVS2, // Clarity From - To 
webServiceManager.Cuts.EXCELLENT, webServiceManager.Cuts.VERY_GOOD,// Cut From - To 
100, 150000, // Price From - To 
2, 20, //Page, Results in page 
ref DiamondCount);

       please give me the solution.


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05/23/2012 06:09