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Thread: Upload Cerificate Scan Image

Hello Sir,

I am developing application to uploading diamond inventory on rapnet using web services. and it is successfully upload all inventory except certificate scan image. so how can i upload certificate scan images on rapnet using web services.  how to provide image path and upload it successfully.

i have used UploadFilesRequest()  and UploadFilesParameters()  methods..
but it is not working properly....

--> even i have provide full path (e.g. c:\12345.jpg)  of file but it will show me a upload failed result.
--> and if i provide only file name (e.g. 12345.jpg)   upload successful result. but does not shown in a seaching criteria....

so, what can i do now ... please, sir give me a solutions..

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Mitesh Prajapati
01/18/2011 05:24

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