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Thread: Raplink Plus Feed not working properly

I am using Raplink Plus Web service using FeedID to get the list of diamonds which I configured in my feed setup. I am calling GetStonesSecure with some parameter.

Problem I am facing is the count of diamond which is returned as ref shows 6 but no data is returned. But if I use Raplink Pro service & included Iframe, it shows correct result.

One strange thing I noticed is that if I pass Page Size as 15 , it doesn't shows any record if there are less no. of diamonds returned. Say count is 6, so, if I set pagesize as 3 I can see 2-3 records, but if I set as 6 or more, it doesn't shows any result.

It seems to be a bug to me. Please assist.

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12/22/2010 01:48

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By the way, I am using following link:

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12/22/2010 1:52:00 PM
i found and fixed a problem with paging that occured only when the number of results was multiplications of the page size (e.g page size 20 and 40 results).

any way, the iframe and the web service use the same mechanisnm so i cannort see how you got different results. please mail me with more details and i'll try to help you

my email ephraim.eitam  @

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12/23/2010 4:11:00 AM
Thanks Ephraim, 

I mailed you with the all the details.

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12/23/2010 10:45:00 AM
Dear Sir,

I ahve set Synchronization Schedule In Tradelink software, But it's not scheduling automatically.  i have set the parameter below:

Set Synchronization schedule

Schedule :  Daily

Frequency : Every 1 hours
Start at : 00.03 End at:23.59

Set Ful Synchronization schedule


Start at:00.003

Can you please let me know how do it scheduling autaomatically in every 1 hours.

My email id:

Thanks & regards,


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5/4/2012 12:59:00 AM