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Thread: multiple values for search critera from RapNet Inventory Link

I'm trying to populate a grid using RapNet Inventory Link ( )

I want to be able to provide search criteria like ROUND and PEAR and PRINCESS, currently I am only able to pass one shape type. The Shapes enumeration does not have an "All" or "Any". Is there some workaround? Or

 srRapNet.RetailFeedSoapClient feedClient = new RetailFeedSoapClient();


dt = feedClient.GetStones(
      0.2, 15.3, //size From - To 
      srRapNet.Colors.D, srRapNet.Colors.K, // Color From - To 
      srRapNet.Clarities.IF, srRapNet.Clarities.VVS2, // Clarity From - To 
      srRapNet.Cuts.EXCELLENT, srRapNet.Cuts.VERY_GOOD,// Cut From - To 
      100, 150000, // Price From - To 
      2, 20, //Page, Results in page 
      ref DiamondCount);


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08/31/2010 12:12

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