More passwords

When you interact with RapNet, you use Access Keys to verify who you are and whether you have permission to access the resources that you are requesting. In other words, security credentials are used to authenticate and authorize calls that you make to RapNet services.

For example, if you want to download a specific file, the credentials that you use must allow that access. If your credentials aren't authorized to download the file, your request is denied.

Using Access Keys enables you to securely delegate access to RapNet services to one or more users without having to share your long-term credentials. The Access keys consist of a key ID (e.g. o25nxxf2ubbnghncp) and a password (e.g. wJalrXfsdww). In order to give you the flexibility of changing these extra usernames and passwords, you can have up to two at a time which are automatically system generated. The keys can be enabled and disabled at any time.

To generate new Access Keys, first delete the existing Access Keys and then reactivate.

Note: To be more secure, we recommend that you use Access Keys however your current RapNet credentials also works.