Rapaport Prices - get file using Linux script

Okay, here is the script that I am using to download the price files on my linux servers and it all seems to be working well. /
# Wget must be version 1.10.2 or higher to support the "--post-data"
# If your login / password contain any special characters, you must url-encode it.


# Or ask if running the script manually and no login and password is provided

[ "$LOGIN" -a "$PASSWD" ] || {
echo -n " Enter Rapnet login: "
read LOGIN
echo -n "Enter Rapnet password: "

umask 000

error() {
echo -e "\007$*"
echo "Press Enter to continue"
read scrap

wget --post-data="username=$LOGIN&password=$PASSWD" -O /tmp/round.csv "https://technet.rapaport.com/HTTP/Prices/CSV2_Round.aspx"
wget --post-data="username=$LOGIN&password=$PASSWD" -O /tmp/pear.csv "https://technet.rapaport.com/HTTP/Prices/CSV2_Pear.aspx"/

Special thanks to Laura Tyrrell for providing this code sample.