Instant Inventory

RapNet Instant Inventory allows you to display thousands of diamonds from RapNet's global suppliers straight onto your website.

RapNet Instant Inventory lets you choose the criteria for which diamonds to display and add your own price markup. Email queries are directed to the email address you specified including all the relevant details.
1. Very easy to setup and integrate into your website.
2. Very low maintenance.
3. No need for your own database.

You can choose from RapNet's pre-designed search engine widgets which are embedded into your website as an iFrame or build your own search using the programming tools provided. Members build their own search engine widget in order to integrate a shopping cart function.

The inventory database is maintained by RapNet and changes are updated every 4 hours automatically. Sample codes for custom search engines is provided for .NET, PHP and Java (see table below). Instant Inventory uses XML/Dataset to download inventory from RapNet and communicates using web services.

The setup screen can be found here

If you are using the search engine widget, at the end of the setup you will get one line of HTML code for the iframe to paste into your website at the place you want your search engine to appear.