Uploading Diamonds To RapNet

There are different ways for sellers to upload and update inventory and inventory information to Rapnet.com for viewing and trading:
Fields and Values
A reference to all the possible fields and values recognized by RapNet read more
Upload CSV files
A great format for data exchange is CSV format. You can upload your stock in CSV format in many different ways to RapNet. read more
Keep Inventory Up-to-date
Diamond listings on RapNet automatically expire after a week if there have been no updates.  read more
Upload Results
Uploads can vary in upload speed, validation and presentation. Understand when this can occur. read more
Upload Images & Certificates
Diamond images and certificates can upload from computer files or an spreadsheet, or, they can be uploaded manually on RapNet. read more
Upload with Excel
The RapNet XL™ is a Microsoft Excel add-in that loads a .xla extension when Excel starts up. The file code adds to Excel functionality so it can work with the Rapaport Price Lists and with RapNet. read more
Upload using API
Use XML web services or HTTP POST to upload diamonds with API, supported by our assistance and explanation. read more

Method Type Format  
RapNetXL Manual CSV, XLS, XLSX Learn more
RapNet Website Manual CSV Upload formats
XML Web Services Programmatically XML Web Services specifications
HTTPS Posts Programmatically CSV File / CSV String Learn more