Download Listing Service Integration

Setting up your DLS feed is not hard at all, but this will require some programming on your end.

Set up your feed

Choose the diamonds and the suppliers you want via this form (requires a subscription to RapNet and DLS). There is an easy 'give me all' option to get started, you can change your criteria at any time, but there will be a few hours delay until your feed data gets updated.

Download the data

Retrieve the diamond listings in CSV format using one of the following methods:

Download Format Technology/Communication Code Samples
Manual CSV download
Manual download
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CSV File HTTP Post

The process for downloading the diamond feed using the HTTP Post web service is as follows:
  • Send your DLS username and password to the authentication page.
  • Receive an encrypted ticket which is used to authenticate your session.
  • Send the encrypted ticket to
  • Receive the diamond feed.

Download the diamond feed on a daily basis. Delete any old listings you may have.

Note: DLS and Instant Inventory are the only authorized methods for getting RapNet listings programmatically. Any other methods used are in violation of RapNet policy and will get you banned from RapNet.