Understanding Upload Results

On this page we explain the various possible results of uploading diamonds onto RapNet

Upload Queue

All uploaded files are placed in a queue for processing. So when you upload your file you only have to wait for the file itself (the bytes) to upload to our server. Files are processed in a first-in first-out fashion. If you upload files manually, you will automatically be redirected to the upload history, where you can follow our progress in processing your file.

Critical Errors

If your file is not formatted correctly or has some kind of other critical error in it, you will not get upload results, but rather a message with details of the error if available.

Duplicate Diamond Listings

In order to avoid duplicate listings on RapNet, duplications are automatically removed. Duplicate listings are identified based on the primary characteristics, e.g. shape, size, color, clarity, measurements and report number. You can still list pairs using the matched pair stock number.

Valid Lots

Valid lots are the lots that were accepted on RapNet. Some values may have been translated to uniform values. If values are discarded, there will be warnings in the results file. 

Invalid Lots

Invalid lots are the lots that were rejected, and will not appear on RapNet. A reason for this will be displayed in the results file.


Sometimes you may get a warning in your upload results for none crucial issues, such as values that will be discarded. You should try to fix these issues.