Integrate Rapaport Price List

If you create diamond inventory software in-house or as a product then you can integrate the Rapaport Price Lists in your application. The only legal limitation is that each user needs their own active subscription. Your application must retrieve the Price List data using the username and password of the Rapaport member.

End-user downloads the Price Lists and imports them into your program This is one common way of integrating Rapaport Price Lists into your program. We do not recommend this method as the user has to go to the RapNet website and manually download the Price Lists in the appropriate format.

Automate the import
You can automate importing Rapaport Price Lists into your program. See the Price List Formats for information on how to automate the import process.

Automatically get the Price List data using our XML web services
Using our XML web services is the recommended way to automatically get the Price List data. See Rapaport Price List Using XML Web Services for information on using the XML Web Services.